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John Igei – Josh Stewart’s Static II (2004)

John Igei – Josh Stewart’s Static II (2004)

The unofficial Aesthetics class reunion, Ryde Again…

Aesthetics Ryde Or Die Vol. 1 will always be one of the best skate videos of all time. Unfortunately it was released during a time when handrails and gaps were the spot of choice for professionals, amateurs and the media overlords, so we were never blessed with Vol. 2.

That is until independent filmer Josh Stewart released Static II in 2004 with John Igei leading the charge for the XXL style gurus. John represents American Asian skateboarding, the often forgotten yet super talented skate demographic that has a knack for busting out those tech tricks with flawless style.

Disagree? Here’s a short list and tell me I’m wrong: Daewon Song, Eric Koston, Jerry Hsu, Phil Shao (RIP), Christian Hosoi, Daniel Shimizu (not über tech but shape savante nonetheless!) and so on and so on.

Just appreciate the way John blasts his switch pop shove-it up and over spots then demonstrates cat-like agility on a manual pad. Or catches the fuck out of a nollie hardflip down a double set. All of this in fresh kicks that look like muscle cars.

John’s at home on either coast repping SF and DC in equal measure. The lines at the US capital have get the presidential stamp of approval but it’s the 360 flip nose manual nollie 360 out and switch inward heelflip across and over the manual pad at Pier 7 is monumental.

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