Video Radio Show #001

The first Video Radio Show. Maybe the last.
Celebrating music you love from the skate videos you love.
Josh Kalis / Alien Workshop Timecode (1997) / KMD’s Gasface Remix
Nikhil Thayer – Western Edition Lookin Ahead (2004) / Outkast Spottieottiedopaliscious
Matt Rodriguez / I Path Promo (2005) / untitled
Shawn Powers / Bronze 56K (2012) / Fuck knows but it sounds dope
Tony Ferguson / Girl Goldfish (1994) / Some rare Group Home Freestyle
Mike Carroll / Girl Goldfish (1994) / De la Soul Oodles of Os / Gang Starr Words from the Nutcracker
JB Gillet / Cliche Freedom Fries (2004) / Babe Ruth The Mexican
Doug Smith / Powell Peralta Public Domain (1988) / SkateMaster Tate La Cumbre
Mike Carroll Rick Howard / FTC Penal Code 100A (1996) / Casual Coolio Drama
Credits / Transworld Modus Operandi (2000) / That dope Jungle track I don’t know the name of…

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