Video Radio Show #003

Third time’s a charm. This episode of the Video Radio Show is dedicated to all the skaters working out in the gym or still running high at the after party.
John Cardiel / Transworld Sight Unseen / Sizzla Haunted and Nervous
Tiago Lemos / Primitive Encore / Wu Tang Clan Vs The Beatles Criminology + Nas Street Dreams
Jake Johnson / Alien Workshop Mindfield / Animal Collective For My Girls
Es Skateparks Contests Demos / Es Menikmati / Anandar Shankar Streets of Calcuttas
Chany Jeanguenin / Rhythm Genesis / Chemical Brothers Block Rockin Beats
Max Schaaf / FTC Penal Code 100A / Love Always see your face
Justin Strubing / Foundation Art Bars Subtitles and Seagulls / The Folk Implosion Serge
Gou Miyagi / FESN Overground Broadcasting / Juzu a.k.a. Moochy – Snake Head Koza
Pat Duffy / Plan B Virtual Reality / Primus DMV

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