Video Part #022

Nikhil Thayer – Western Edition Lookin Ahead (2004)

Nikhil Thayer – Western Edition Lookin Ahead (2004)

Damn damn damn daaaaammmnnnn….

If you were watching videos out of San Francisco between 1998 and 2005 you were probably witness to the calm control of Nikhil Thayer. Nikhil is one of those underdogs that holds it down for the underground. He rode for INFMS and here for Western Edition which is probably the skate company with the best art direction. Period.

Nikhil can do a lot with his board. Just because he’s opening the show with manuals, that doesn’t mean he can’t bounce down gaps like a bobcat. Switch skills are on point too.

Skaters like Nikhil stayed true to themselves are just do them whilst the media and the masses chase the flavour of the month. Nikhil’s flavour is always good. This part is like soul food.

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