Video Part #026

Kyle Walker – Vans No Other Way (2016)

Kyle Walker – Vans No Other Way (2016)

This is how you become Skater Of The Year.

There are three distinguishing features about Kyle Walker. First, he has a proper southern accent. Second, he designed a pro shoe for Vans with a reversed lace saver. And third, he skates like an absolute beast.

When Vans dropped No Other Way in 2016, there was pretty much no other way anyone else could win the coveted Thrasher Skater Of The Year trophy besides Kyle.

So, Kyle was the 2016 SOTY and he hasn’t slowed down. His more recent offering at the tail-end of 2021 had him shortlisted for a second trophy.

His casual approach to skating handrails and gaps that usually feature in snowboard videos has taken skateboarding to a whole new level that only a handful of skaters – like literally 4 or 5! – are willing to attempt to skate.

Kyle is the reason helmets might become a reality in the streets soon.

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