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Alexis Sablone – Cons Seize the seconds (2020)

Alexis Sablone – Cons Seize the seconds (2020)

I love Alexis. She’s the raddest.

Almost 20 years ago, Alexis featured in one of the most infamous skate videos ever produced, Coliseum Skateshop’s PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life. That introduction came almost 5 years after Elissa Steamer made her debut in Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell. Here was a second female street skater that looked the part, played the part and deserved everyone’s respect.

In 2020, Alexis came out with another part for Cons Seize The Seconds and it could be said that if skateboarding wasn’t such a male-dominated culture, she could have taken the crown for Skater Of The Year. Personally, I think she should have and I still believe she can.

Breaking down the actual skateboarding in this video part, Alexis has a wicked heelflip and a lot of pop. She’s also not afraid to step up to gaps that sometimes beat her. The most obvious feature of this part is the direct homage to her fellow female skater and predecessor, Elissa Steamer by politely one-upping her tricks at the same Florida spots. Back in 1996, Elissa ollied the barrier gap at the amphitheatre and ollied into the triangle wedge. In 2020 Alexis switch flipped the barrier gap and kickflipped into the wedge.

Again, Alexis is the raddest.

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