Video Part #029

Marc Johnson – NC Clothing Tilt Mode! (2000)

Marc Johnson – NC Clothing Tilt Mode! (2000)

Street Contest! Got a plaque!

Marc Johnson is probably one of the last people you are going to see enter a street contest because he wins every time he skates the streets.

There is luck, there is drive, there is talent, there is natural gift. Marc sits at the top of the pile of innate ability to control his skateboard and display trick configurations infused with flawless demeanour and solid interpretation.

Marc is probably best known for concluding Lakai’s Fully Flared with a triple part that awarded him Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year, overall appreciation from the skateboard community and mental breakdown.

It ain’t easy at the top.

That’s why I chose to highlight another ender part from Marc when times were easier, less structured and free flowing. NC Clothing sponsored most of the San Jose scene during the late Nineties and early Two Thousands. Their independent video release Tilt Mode! celebrated a misfit crew of locals just having fun on their boards. It turns out the Tilt Mode Army includes Marc Johnson a.k.a. Chauncey Peppertooth.

This is Marc in his element just cruising.

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