Video Part #031

Casey Rigney – Autobahn Wheel Co. Casey Is Pro! (2012)

Casey Rigney – Autobahn Wheel Co. Casey Is Pro! (2012)

If Casey Rigney wasn’t pro before a wheel company announced it, there’s a glitch in the System…

I don’t know much about Casey Rigney’s journey through sponsored skateboarding because his sponsors have never been top tier sponsors or promoted his undeniable skills properly.

This Autobahn Wheel pro part was completely lost to me until I searched for Casey’s other notable video part in Chris Hall’s independent video Get Familiar. Casey has solid style on his board which transfers easily to his switchstance abilities. The last two tricks in this Autobahn part are switch but they don’t look it – and even if they weren’t they would still be good.

Casey also throws in a couple of tech tricks that only got a proper revisit and upgrade a decade later by nione other than tech wizard Mark Suciu. The frontside nollie 360 manual down a ledge/bank in China is test of one’s inner equilibrium.

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