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Adam McNatt – 411VM 27 Profile (1998)

Adam McNatt – 411VM 27 Profile (1998)

One of God’s prototypes, too rare to be celebrated at a top tier pro yet too rare to be forgotten.

I messed about with Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas quote to help explain the importance of Adam McNatt’s 411 Profile in issue 27 of the Video Magazine.

If you have seen this part, you cannot forget the crazy rail over the grass gap spot and how Adam spins a nollie 360 and flicks a nollie flip out of a 50-50 (amongst other tricks) on the 50 foot grind. That spot looked so crazy and Adam shut it down.

Watching the rest of this original part, Adam seems like the guy who will place a barrier, a bench or a box wherever necessary to get the job done. A spirited use of the crook backlip before it got outlawed and multiple aerial celebrations of the renown Canadian flyout are the bread and butter for Adam’s board control.

Adam spoke his mind and paid the price by being blackballed by sponsors and the media. This video part still shits on a lot of skating done today.

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