Video Radio Show #006

This episode is inspired by the meditations of the most elevated skateboarders.
Quim Cardona / Josh Stewart Static IV / Ghostface Kilklah Assasination Day & El Michels Affair The Mystery of Chessboxin
Brent Atchley / Element Elementality / Public Enemy Public Enemy No.1
Paulo Diaz / Fernando Garcia LA County / Paulo Diaz and Greg Citroen N Stars
Paulo Diaz / Chocolate Las Nueve Vidas De Paco / Paulo Diaz and Friends Instrumental
Leo Valls / Yoan Taillander Minuit / Some Japanese new age melodica vibes
Jon Miner & Mike Manzoori / Transworld Cinematographer / Tortoise Gooseneck
Opening Sequence / Colin Read Spirit Quest / Original composition by Colin Read
Jake Rupp / Josh Stewart Static / DJ Cheb i Sabbah Ganga Dev

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