Video Part #041

Rob Welsh – Aesthetics Ryde Or Die Vol.1 (2001)

Rob Welsh – Aesthetics Ryde Or Die Vol.1 (2001)

I still don’t understand that dice spin.

It’s difficult to choose a single Rob Welsh part. Every solo part he has released has been gold. His parts in Mad Circle’s 5 Flavors or Transworld’s Free Your Mind could have easily featured here instead of his ender in Aesthetics’ Ryde Or Die Vol.1 The excess leather and plush sweatpant material had the scales tipped in it’s favour though.

Rob is one of those skaters who associates himself with giants. Yes, I do realise he is an SF Giants fan and a tall guy but here I am referring to other able bodied skateboarders that can really put on a good show. Somehow Rob plays the background offwering just enough bigspin mastery and noseslide levitation to maintain his permanent position among the exclusive street gods.

Much like his board sponsor at the time, Aesthetics, here is someone ands something just too good to last forever.

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