Video Part #042

Bobby DeKeyzer – Converse Cons Purple (2018)

Bobby DeKeyzer – Converse Cons Purple (2018)

The future is bright.

I don’t want my daily video part posts to be a celebration of mid-Nineties style gods. If anything it’s the current generation who suffer from the tsunami of video parts released daily. Young amateurs and professionals put time and effort into a project only for it to get relegated to page two of a search within less than a week.

Thank God for the Bunt Boys, Donovan Jones and Cephas Bensoin for consistently reminding their listeners to pay attention to Toronto local Bobby DeKeyzer.

Bobby has got the skills to pay those bills – in Canadian Dollars nonetheless – yet his demeanour and presence seems inconspicuous. Like a deadly assassin, Bobby picks off spots and serves up deathblows. On his own local haunts, Bobby just keeps adding on to his long list of feats.

There are numerous clips of Bobby skating a 3 up 6 down manual pad in downtown T-dot however in his Purple part he takes the cake with a fakie flip up, fakie manual across to frontside halfcab down. That’s like Ronnie Creager during his late Nineties heyday getting a upgrade to his operating system specs.

Bobby takes his talent overseas and wrecks spots from Paris to Washington DC. His backside 360 over the wall at Pulaski is most impressive due to the totally controlled backside powerslide to halt at the foot of the brown marble ledge that sits below. Seriously. Look at that slide and tell me Bobby isn’t something special.

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