Video Part #044

Danny Renaud – Habitat Mosaic (2003)

Danny Renaud – Habitat Mosaic (2003)

Dirt so clean.

In 2003, I lived in London and hung out at Cide skateshop that was a short skate away from Southbank. When the rain fell, which was often or meetings were arranged yet time keeping was poor, many minutes were spent staring at the screen above the shop counter watching skate videos. Habitat released Mosaic and one part was constantly on repeat: Danny Renaud.

I hadn’t heard much about Danny apart from his origins in Florida and some chance sightings in Barcelona. The thing that had Danny’s opening part played over and over again was the dream like control of his nollie flip off a loading dock to open the part. That nollie flip was the nollie flip ever self respecting street skater wished they could have on lock. Danny had it on lock and it opened a few doors for him.

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