Video Part #047

Chewy Cannon – Transworld Transmission (2014)

Chewy Cannon – Transworld Transmission (2014)

I’m a simple man. I see Chewy Cannon, I click play.

Chewy Cannon’s Transmission part came out in 2014 for Transworld. Straight to the web edit. Three years after Chewy featured in the second version of The Cinematographer Project and killed it to the sounds of Action Bronson’s Barry Horowitz. What I am trying to say is that this part – just like so many others – got forgotten because the Web don’t wait for nobody.

When I re-found this Chewy part, I didn’t even watch it. I just posted it because I knew it was gold. The switch backside wallie over the wedge corner into the big bank at Southbank. The freeze frame stance adjustment out of a ledge trick. The props from Tom Penny for a proper switch crooks at the end.

Chewy suffered a knee injury not that long ago so let’s take this time to revisit all of the magic he has blessed skateboarding with so that when he returns we’ll be more hyped than ever.

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