Video Part #050

Joe Gavin – Sean Lomax Pusherman (2011)

Joe Gavin – Sean Lomax Pusherman (2011)

The street skater’s street skater.

Listening to KRS One and Channel Live rap about Madizm for Joe Gavin’s part in Pusherman has me thinking about how the Mancunian’s skating is like the Boombap rap KRS is best loved for. Boombap is that style of rap music that hits hard. No RnB bullshit. No autotune. No 808 and heartbreak. Just a slamming drum line, a classic sample loop and lots of attitude. Just like Joe skating the Manchester streets he grew up on.

Joe Gavin is a street skating purist. His knowledge of nollie and switch. His ability to push through cracks and skate knobs. His dedication to the Urbis skate spot and Note Skate shop. His longevity and progression. Joe ticks a lot of boxes that demand respect.

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