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Jasper Dohrs & Joseph Sirinut – Preduce Sajai (2021)

Jasper Dohrs & Joseph Sirinut – Preduce Sajai (2021)

How do you snap a board on its vertical axis with your ass and walk away unscathed?

This joint video part from Jasper Dohrs and Joseph Sirinut just came out via Pocket Mag. It’s taken from Preduce Skateboards Sajai video released last year. If you were lucky enough you caught both of these already. But most likely you didn’t because that’s the way the internet and algorithms work these days.

Sajai was Preduce’s 7th video and was filmed during the Covid pandemic which meant travelling was little to none so almost all of the footage was filmed on home soil of Thailand. I have been aware of Preduce for a while because an old friend of mine, Damien, moved back to Thailand a whole ago and reps their stuff on the regular. Skateboarding is a global community and Preduce run things for Southern Asia.

The spots look hot and feel hot but that doesn’t fase Jasper and Joseph from piecing together sick lines or taking big drops. Jasper makes me think of Scott Johnston for some reason except way more productive. And Joseph really seems like a fun character to know with his big smile and even bigger hair. This double part is a great example of opposites attracting to produce something awesome. The funky music also keeps the vibes high.

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