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Jason Dill & Anthony Van Engelen – Transworld Feedback (1999)

Jason Dill & Anthony Van Engelen – Transworld Feedback (1999)

It’s art. It’s technique. It’s form.

If there has ever been an undeniable power couple in skateboarding, it’s Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen (AVE). Dill and AVE have mirrored each others sponsors for over two decades. Somehow their tag team approach has saved each of them at least once from falling off. When Jason was floating around with not much going for him over at 23 Skateboards, AVE pulled him back up and had them join the reformed Alien Workshop line up. When AVE was looking burnt out, Dill got him hyped to push his switch skills harder than ever and help him turn Fucking Awesome into a hardgoods reality. The connection is strong with these two.

My favourite epoch for both of these older gods is their shared part from Transworld’s Feedback – the original audio mixed version. Ian Brown’s My Star his the emotional notes just right to teleport viewers to the upper echalons of skateboard mastery as Dill balanced perfect switch backside nosegrinds and AVE sped through the bends of the UCLA ledges via switch backside tailslide. To hold the skating to the high regard of Dill himself, their combined art, technique and form is brilliant.

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