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Muki Rustig – Yama Paranoia Paradise (2007)

Muki Rustig – Yama Paranoia Paradise (2007)

Raw power.

A lot of people outside of Germany and its neighbouring countries have probably never heard of Muki Rustig let alone Yama Skateboards. Let me introduce this friendly giant who bodies moving vehicles and hippy jumps whilst 3/4 of the way down narrow drop ins.

Yama was the Saxon cousin of Gaulish Antiz from France. These burly teams wrecked spots all over Europe during the early 2000s and continue to do so even if overshadowed by all the visiting American pros and bedroom companies that have inundated the market. Yama released Paranoia Paradise and Muki got to showcase his ability to dwarf spots and attempt tricks that would probably kill or maim someone less skilled.

The alleyoop frontside 180 over the stairs and massive planter wall is one of those make or break moves where you just can’t half arse it. Muki lands several tricks like this and shoots his board off into the distance like an MMA heavyweight knock out walk off.

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