Video Part #070

John Drake – Alien Workshop Timecode (1997)

John Drake – Alien Workshop Timecode (1997)

The middle man.

Alien Workshop’s Timecode opens with a banger and ends in a banger and that’s what everyone knows. So what about the middle? Besides a loopy lazer flip, my go to part is John Drake and his ability to weave through narrow parts of a school yard to piece together decent lines.

There isn’t much to discuss for John’s short part. His skating was always fairly elusive and exclusive with not much to offer but what John did bring to the table was solid. John could jump on rails and twist himself in and out of ledge tricks. My favourite clip has to be his frontside nosegrind revert to frontside bluntslide filmed with a longlens that probably inspired (or not) Bill Strobeck and his work with the camera.

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