Video Part #072

Max Schaaf – FTC Penal Code 100A (1996)

Max Schaaf – FTC Penal Code 100A (1996)

The street skater’s vert skater.

Max Schaaf riding back and forth on his vert ramp to the sounds of Love for just under a minute is all that’s needed to calm the troubled soul. Featuring in one of the most iconic skate videos of the mid Nineties when street skating was very much the dominating force of where skateboarding stood, Max’s vert skills got a permanent hall pass. It was also cool that his part preceded a certain shared part featuring two street skating legends, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard. C.f. Video Part #058

Max can be credited for skating his ramp like a street spot. The coping is the ledge to pop in and out of rather than slappy and the platform is a flight of stairs or grass gap to float over. The alleyoop fakie smith grinds and nollies to fakie and so easy on the eyes. This part is a pure pleasure to watch.

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