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Gershon Mosley – Transworld The Reason (1999)

Gershon Mosley – Transworld The Reason (1999)

Hard work doesn’t always pay off.

Gershon Mosley is an unsung hero of skate history for me. The guy came up during the dark ages and carved out a career skating alongside the elite. He mostly let his skating do the talking which was always powerful. Gershon could kill the mini ramp just as hard – if not harder – as the street course. And unless memory fails me, his Yoshi flip for the $1000 trick challenge ads from the A Team was the only trick no-one could do.

Unfortunately Gershon’s work ethic made him sweat and this is the one thing a lot of people picked up on. There’s a line he does in his amazing Globe Opinion part, that I could have posted here instead, where his signature baggy tan cargos are soaked through from top to bottom with only the pocket areas spared.

But who cares about a lot of sweat when you’re floating chest high kickflip frontside noseslides on Hubba Hideout or picture perfect 360 flips over Imperial double sets? Please take a moment to note the switch frontside 50-50 on a round rail slipped into this epic Transworld part too.

I guess it doesn’t pay to put in all that hard work then have an opinion when you do decide to speak. Gershon got dropped by Globe despite rocking their hideous shoes for years and shortly afterwards sunk into oblivion. He still skates and reps LDRS.

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