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Jerome Campbell – Carhartt WIP Lightworks (2014)

Jerome Campbell – Carhartt WIP Lightworks (2014)

Fast and light footed like a sparrow.

Jerome Campbell emerged in the tailwind of Chewy Cannon and Danny Brady during the last laps of British Blueprint (not the Canadian afterlife version) then promptly found a position full of promise over at Polar. Unfortunately the promise was shortlived even if the quick footed precision hops skips and jumps were plentiful.

Lightworks is titled as a short documentary film filmed and edited by master lensman Phil Evans. It features still photography by Jerome which is nice but the real fun is in the speed with which he skates spots dotted around Northern Europe. The 360 flip over the playground bump is especially good.

I have no idea what Jerome is up to these days. Hopefully revisiting this video will spark more interest in his skating that’s dearly missed.

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