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Brian Emmers – Plan B The Revolution (1997)

Brian Emmers – Plan B The Revolution (1997)

Strike after strike in bowling shoes.

The opening five trick line established Brian Emmers as an above average tech wizard. Brian was only an amateur for the infamous Plan B however The Revolution was the final full length offering from the famous brand before they went out of business. It’s a difficult video to find in hard copy and a difficulty video to watch with it’s incoherent editing. However, Brian opens the show after Rick McCrank and cemented himself as one to watch.

Besides a couple more cameos in local San Diego videos, Brian’s career never kicked off and he soon disappeared. Which is a shame. These two minutes of footage that have could have gone into a homie video are the bulk of Brian’s abilities with a board. His switch skills are reminiscent of an earlier Ronnie Bertino with the lanky frame of Pat Duffy. Never forget the über am prototype.

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