Video Part #082

Mike McCourt – Green Apple Modern Love (2005)

Mike McCourt – Green Apple Modern Love (2005)

C’est bon ça.

Green Apple’s Modern Love is synonymous with Travis Stenger. There needs to be a clause to that connection that includes the rest of the video which is awesome and another clause mentioning how sick Mike McCourt’s part is. As one man says at the end of his intro as Mike switch lazer flips a set of stairs with a heavy Canadian accent : “C’est bon ça! C’est bon!”

Mike is a smooth operator lacing lines through moving traffic and popping switch shove-its with very little upper body movement. He looks very relaxed on his board which meshes well with the Wu Tang inspired backing track. The very familiar soul singing of The Charmels add flavour to Mike’s skating as they serenade us with the lyrics “The whole world is our private playground / We can do what we want to do / As long as I’ve got you”.

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