Video Part #084

Peter Smolik – TSA Life in the fast lane (2001)

Peter Smolik – TSA Life in the fast lane (2001)

Styles for miles.

Most people probably thought I would post up Petrr Smolik’s spectacular debut in Shortys Fulfill The Dream but instead I wanted to highlight some of the smaller projects Ol Dirty Smolik was featured in during his rise to infamy. TSA Clothing’s Life in the fast lane dropped only a couple of years after Fulfill The Dream and Peter’s short minute or so of footage is mainkly b-roll stuff but still rich in all the swag and tech skills Smolik was famous for.

Just like his destruction of the San Marcos out ledge in the Shortys video, Peter goes to work on the downtown LA brown out ledge. Just like his excellent long boardslide in the Shortys video, Peter grinds a long 50-50 somewhere in suburbia. It’s trademark Smolik but lesser known due to the fame his debut bought. I am pretty sure there are other short Smolik parts from this era but they are rare and harder to find. Searching for Steve Celentani videos will probably uncover some gold.

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