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Lee Smith – FTC Fine Line Between Love and Haight (2005)

Lee Smith – FTC Fine Line Between Love and Haight (2005)

The one and only part.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Lee Smith is probably one of the least productive sponsored skaters on the planet. Despite riding for major brands, somehow Lee missed the bus almost every time and never delivered a steady flow of dope footage. The exception to his dismissal is his part from FTC’s fourth video, A Thin Line Between Love and Haight released in 2005.

During the early 2000s, much like a just about every skater, Lee made the pilgrimage to Barcelona. Instead of hit the city for a summer. Lee ended up staying for a couple of years. The plethora of spots to skate meant Lee finally got busy on his board and delivered a full part worthy of a pro spot on Santa Cruz.

Switch 360 flips over street gaps and full cab flip on and into steep banks were not expected and it was a pleasure to watch. Then the Barcy nightlife grabbed Lee and sucked the wind from his sails. Appreciate this part because it’s all you’re going to get from this international journeyman.

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