Video Part #093

Raul Navarro – Manuel Aguilar Keepin It Up (2018)

Raul Navarro – Manuel Aguilar Keepin It Up (2018)

The Patron Saint of Sants.

Raul Navarro is deep in the game. He hasn’t changed a thing since he first appeared back in the late Nineties. He still skates Sants station. He still rocks baggy tracksuits. And he still has some of the meanest lo-pro ledge tech in the game.

Keepin It Up is a nice reminder of Raul’s longevity and why his name always garners respect from his peers. the fail safe backside 180 fakie 5-0s are in there. As are the shove-its in and out of grinds and slides. The blindside fakie nose grind switch frontside shove-it out is a treat.

Oh, and that Wu track? It’s only right a classic killer gets classic killers to serenade his skating.

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