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Video Part #097

Brendan Leung – Natural Koncept Illegitimate Bastard Child (2003)

Brendan Leung – Natural Koncept Illegitimate Bastard Child (2003)

Rare prototypes.

Natural Koncept is a wild and rare skate company that released a video in 2003, Illegitimate Bastard Child, full of rare and wild skateboarders. One of those skaters was Brendan Leung who stood out to me as a kid with great talent but entirely unawares of what was deemed cool during that era. In 2003 skaters were going hard as fuck on handrails and denim was tightening to eunuch levels.

Brandon wore baggy jeans reminiscent of something JNCO might design, open flannel shirts, a sweaty beanie and prescription glasses. He also tweaked the fuck out of grabs, spun 360 one foots and floated huge 360 flips over bump to gaps. I really don’t know what became of Brandan. He continued on his course with NK but after that I lost touch.

Never forget the illegitimate bastard child.

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