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Luy Pa Sin – Nomad A nomad point of view (2008)

Luy Pa Sin – Nomad A nomad point of view (2008)

Older god.

Luy Pa Sin came up under and alongside some of France’s greatest skaters. JB Gillet, Stephane Larance, Franck Barratierro were just a few of Luy Pa’s buddies killing the Paris plazas and later Barcelona. In typical early 2000s fashion, Luy Pa relocated to the Catalan city and found a spot on a Euro brand, Nomad. A Nomad Point Of View got coverage in Europe but the American market hardly noticed which is a shame because the real kings of the Barcy streets weren’t the visiting US pros but the Euro pros who worked the spots day in and day out.

A couple of things to take away from this second to last part of Nomad’s video is Luy Pa’s rare mastery of the varial flip. For some reason French skaters hold this trick in high regard and several of their bretheren can use it to perfection. Luy Pa really is stealthy with his. The fakie varial flip down three to switch varial flip down the three flat three at le Dome is spectacular. So is Luy Pa’s form on the 360 flip over the gap towards the end of his part. Possibly one of the best ever?

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