Video Part #103

Mika Germond – Hugo Bernatas No Hotel (2018)

Mika Germond – Hugo Bernatas No Hotel (2018)

Thinking outside the spot.

Living in a skate mecca is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the plethora of spots to skate. The curse is skating the same spot everyday. Lyon is a French skate mecca but it’s also the home to Hotel De Ville, one of the world’s most famous skate plazas that recently got a facelift to make it even more appealing to skaters. Mika Germond is leading the charge for the new generation and when he decided to film a solo part with Hugo Bernatas, Hotel was not to be featured.

In No Hotel, Mika unlocks a lot of new spots and opens your eyes to just how much more Lyon has to offer. Granted, a few of the spots only Mika has the keys. But when Mika revisits a familiar gap over bar hop in the hills above Hotel, he takes to it with a twist. I had never seen anyone gap to rock pull over on a bar before.

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