Video Part #104

Jerry Fowler – Toy Machine Live (1994)

Jerry Fowler – Toy Machine Live (1994)

Black magic man.

Toy Machine is always remembered for their string of great videos (Heavy Metal, Welcome To Hell and Jump Off A Building) but their real debut, Live, often gets forgotten. This is unfortunate because it means tech wizard and early recruit of the Blood Sucking Skateboard Company, Jerry Fowler (no relation whatsoever to Ethan) gets overlooked.

Jerry comes in hot off the cold winds of Boston, Mass. When he landed in California he didn’t waste anytime blowing minds with his board control and ingenuity. The 360 flip is on lock and spins flawlessly into tailslides and nose grinds. The inward heelflip also bends itself into a 5-0 grind. These sort of ledge combinations just weren’t happening on the regular back in 1994.

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