Video Part #105

Matt Rodriguez – I Path Promo (2005)

Matt Rodriguez – I Path Promo (2005)

Cardiel’s wing man.

Don’t let the positive aura of Matt Rodriguez dupe you into thinking he’s all about that smoke and chill vibes. Matt brings serious heat. He skates hard and fast but executes with grace and poise. It’s no surprise him and fellow Sacto buddy Jiohn Cardiel skated together so much and everyone knows how hard Cardiel skates.

The I-Path Promo dropped in 2005 during a period where videos had lost a lot of value. Many were being sent straight to the internet whilst physical copies were slipped into the shrink wrap of magazines as freebies. As such, videos like this but more importantly parts like this got easliy forgotten or overlooked.

That’s a real shame when you witness the innovative nature of Matt’s skating spinning 270s out of feeble grinds and fully rotating frontside boardslides into frontside 5-0s. For a short part, just over 2 minutes, Matt does himself justice skating the streets and parks equally to the sound of his own music.

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