Video Part #106

Danny Fuenzalida – Think i-Think (2005)

Danny Fuenzalida – Think i-Think (2005)

The Chilean Prince.

Dubbed the Chilean Prince by the Thrasher staff, Danny Fuenzalida was pegged to be the next skateboarding super star. Unfortunately things didn’t quite pan out that way despite Danny’s undeniable talent. Danny had an understanding of switch stance skating that was several levels higher than his peers. Perhaps this was down to the advanced physics he studied.

Danny repped San Jose and San Francisco featuring in numerous Thrasher and Tilt Mode videos. He also maximised any occasion to travel and shut down more than one spot on foreign soil. i-Think didn’t make quite the splash the hand held music device it was named after, so few people got to witness the magic of Danny’s switch frontside heelflip down Lloyds.

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