Video Part #122

Willy Santos – Ride Channel Connecting the dots (2015)

Willy Santos – Ride Channel Connecting the dots (2015)

Deep in the game.

There’s a song on Harry Fraud’s Adrift mixtape by Fat Trel called Deep in the Game. The hook goes ‘Deep in the game / I dun perfected my moves / My jewels drip like / My dogs rich off white’. It’s a celebration of experience and wealth gained. Willy Santos has deep roots in the game of skateboarding and even though he isn’t flamboyant, he has kept nicely afloat through skills on and off the board.

Willy’s Connecting the dots part dropped out of nowhere over a decade after his last video part and the man still got it. This veteran wasn’t returning with a load of low impact tricks either. Willy has some superior board control and this has granted him longevity and the ability to pop in and out of the limelight whenever he wants.

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