Video Part #129

Danny Gonzales – Transworld The Reason (1999)

Danny Gonzales – Transworld The Reason (1999)

First go.

Danny Gonzales supposedly had his rapid upward trajectory to stardom cut short after a bad knee injury that features at the start of this Transworld part. Adding insult to injury, certain naysayers spread rumours that didn’t help either. Despite the negativity, Danny had a very unique way of skating that proved to be far more diverse and agile than others. Transworld The Reason was both the opening and closing of Danny’s story that had much more to tell.

For the brief couple of minutes Danny cameoed, he was spotted rotating body varials into his manuals and kicking footplants into switch 360 flips, then he is crooked grinding the entirety of 3-up-3-down and lipsliding big handrails. Finally he kickflip melons Wallenberg first go. First go.

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