Video Part #135

Jake Johnson – Alien Workshop Mindfield (2010)

Jake Johnson – Alien Workshop Mindfield (2010)

Uncommon among uncommon.

Jake Johnson’s arrival into the limelight was relatively surprising. His name had started floating about in the mid 00s as something of one to watch and look out for. That last memo was the most important because when Jake did get his professional debut with the Alien Workshop in their 4th video Mindfield, he raised the bar on what it meant toi skate switchstance to a whole new level not many could reach. His tall lanky frame leapt to heights that few even contemplated and his balance proved on par with that of an agile cat. Jaske also had the foresight and hindsight to pay hommage to other Alien Workshop ridersa from times passed. The switch roll on 50-50 was the obvious high five sent to Lennie Kirk and the the massive wallride over a double set was an obvious salvo sent over the bows of any doubters. The Animal Collective soundtrack was perfect too.

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